Geeked up

Geeked up (phrase)

Type: adjective, phrase

Pronunciation: /geeked-up/

Also spelled or known as: Geeked-up

Related: Geek, Geeked, Geekin

What does Geeked up mean?

1. To be really high or drunk.

Geeked up Synonyms: Booted up, Booted, Stoned, Stuck, Fried, Geeked, Faded, Zooted, Blunted, High, Baked, Lit

2. To be excited.

Geeked up Synonyms: Stocked

Example sentence: “Those boys were geeked up on my birthday.

Geeked up in songs:

“And this love make me wanna buy my dad a Caddy, ‘Cause the love got me geeked up, I don’t need an Addy” – Gunna, Space Cadet.

“Ridin’ round, geeked up, damn, think it’s three o’clock” – Quavo, Slippery.

“Yes, I’m geeked up like an astronaut” – Young Thug, Webbie.

“Super geeked up off the Xans, , School bus that’s right in my hand” – Lil Uzi Vert, Right Now.

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Geeked up
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Geeked up

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