Bick it

Bick it (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /bik-it/

Also spelled or known as: Bick-it, Bickit

Related: Bick back, Bicking it, Bickin’ it

What does Bick it mean?

To kick it; relax and chill.

Bick it Synonyms: Kick it

Example sentence: “My girl loves to bick it.”

Bick it in songs:

“When niggas start trippin’, I be wantin’ to start trippin’ But I’m just bick it and act like the bigger nigga” – YG, Bool, Balm & Bollective.

“They don’t want it with a nigga that be hella wicked I will punch your ticket I don’t ever bick it” – Bick It, Round 8.

“We got FN’s, we got AR’s, we got Drake I can’t bick it wit no bitch less she ignin” – Sada Baby, Whoop N Wham.

“Should’ve been a Ricket Sit back and be bool ya know ya fools can’t bick it” – TINY LOC a.k.a. SPIDER, Crenshaw Mafia.

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Bick it
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Bick it