1 to 3

1 to 3 (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /one-to-three/

Also known or spelled as: One to three, 1-to-3, 1-3

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What does 1 to 3 mean?

A one to three (1-3) year prison sentence.

1 to 3 Synonyms: One to three

Example sentence: “He had a gun case and was facing 1 to 3.”

1 to 3 in songs:

“They offered me a 1 to 3, hahaa , I do a bullet Traded in my gats for greens that’s how the state do it” – Shyheim, Life as a Shorty.

“I done seen a nigga get a 1 to 3, and tell on everybody with him” – Dave East, Again.

Ghetto, Sin City, where the P is free You catch a bid far worser than a 1 to 3” – The Roots, Pussy Galore.

“I laugh, that was fun to me, this year I faced a 1 to 3 (Rikers)” – Cam’ron, You must not know.

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1 to 3
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1 to 3