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Beefing (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /beef-in/

Also spelled or known as: Beefin’

Related: Beef, Beefed

What does Beefing mean?

To be having conflict with someone.

Beefing Synonyms: Fighting

Beefing Example sentence: “The rappers were beefing then they made up.”

Beefing in songs:

“She probably had a reason though Although thought that we would grow Guess that wasn’t feasible But we ain’t gonna be beefing, no” – Wale, The Breakup Song.

“How come we don’t even talk no more? And you don’t even call no more? We don’t barely keep in touch at all And I don’t even feel the same love when we hug no more And I heard it through the grapevine, we even beefing now” – Eminem, How Come.

“Strolling easy down this narrow path, beefing with your scary assPreme got my little niggas cheesing off the cherry ad” – Earl Sweatshirt, Off Top.

“Niggas beefing on small time things, we on a dying spree” – Nas, Figure It Out.

“How you beefing man if you don’t even know the man? Before you poke a man you man wanna expose a man” – Dave, Hangman.

“Where so and so from, and what neighborhoods beefing Who baby momma’s a rat, and who got killed last weekend” – Kendrick Lamar, Cut You Off (To Grow Closer).

“Acne, my jacket from Sweden (Huh) My chicks don’t exactly know English (What?) They ain’t about that action of no beefing, ahh I might as well go back to vegan (Um)” – A$AP Rocky, PICK IT UP.

“Looking in the mirror, I thank God for what I’m about to be You beefing with my enemy does not make you a friend of me” – Saweetie, ICY GRL.

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