Preme (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /preem/

Also spelled or known as: ‘Preme

Related: Supreme

What does Preme mean?

Supreme; a popular luxury streetwear brand founded in New York.

Preme Synonyms: Supreme

Similar to Supreme: Palace, Stussy, Pyrex, Balenciaga, Vetements, Off-white

Example sentence: “I scooped some preme shit on fairfax.”

Preme in songs:

Sick of making niggas cabbage so I took the ‘Preme off Should’ve bought some stock in it” – Tyler, The Creator, BUFFALO.

“In that ‘Preme five-panel, I’ll repeat it for the season” – Tyler, the Creator, Oldie.

“Wolf Haley got more methods than Pinkman I’m never civil, fuck Lincoln, ‘Preme out the bag it’s no wrinkles” – Tyler, The Creator, Cowboy.

I’m in that past season ‘Preme shit, older than Tity Boi” – Tyler, The Creator, Rusty.

“Hop out into the ‘preme store, top notch Already bread jumpin’ out the pockets” – Post Malone, TEAR$.

“All of y’all are over-saturating ‘Preme and Bape Bitch, it’s FTP all fucking day, all y’all look the fucking same” – SNOWMANE, 2nd Hand.

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