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Rappers (music)

Type: noun

Pronunciation: /rap-errs/

Singular: Rapper

Related: Rap, Rappin’, Rapping

What does Rappers mean?

People who rap or make rap/hip-hop music.

Rappers Synonyms: Hip-Hoppers, MCs

Example sentence: “My list of top 5 favorite rappers changes all the time.”

Rappers in songs:

“Most rappers‘ taste level ain’t at my waist level” – Kanye West, Mercy.

“Why you got a 12 car garage?, Why you pullin’ all these rappers cards?” – 21 Savage, No Heart.

“Butcher and I know it, man, kill beef, go ham, these rappers are afraid of him” – Childish Gambino, Bonfire.

“A skeleton in my closet, it’s probably one of these dead-ass rappers” – 2 Chainz, No Lie.

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