Poke (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /pohk/

Related: Poked, Pokin’

What does Poke mean?

1. To stab.

2. To touch, usually with penis.

Poke Synonyms: Slice

Example sentence: “The opps swore they were gonna poke him, when they see him.”

Poke in songs:

“Take me to your house and let me poke some” – Don Toliver, Heaven or Hell.

“Bend it over, Juicy J gonpoke it like wet paint” – Juicy J, Bandz A Make Her Dance.

“Before you poke a man you man wanna expose a man” – Dave Hangman.

“I’d rather them poke my eyes out than to see you go” – Kodak Black, Fuck with You.

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