Type: noun

Pronunciation: /bed-stai/

Also spelled or known as: Bed Stuy, Bedstuy

Related: B.K., Brooknam, Crooklyn, Brooklawn

What does Bed-Stuy mean?

Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, New York City.

Bed-Stuy Synonyms: B.K., Brooknam, Crooklyn, Brooklawn

Example sentence: “My manager stays in Bed-Stuy.”

Bed-Stuy in songs:

“Brown liquor, but my girl in Bed-Stuy” – Childish Gambino, We Ain’t Them.

“Me? I’m out that Bed-Stuy, home of that boy Biggie” – Jay-Z, Empire State of Mind.

Bed-Stuy, the place where my head rests” – The Notorious B.I.G., Machine Gun Funk.

“Made a left on Nostrand Ave, we in Bed-Stuy” – Jay-Z, Gotta Have It.

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