Funk (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /phunk/

What does Funk mean?

1. A genre of music that blended soul, jazz, and R&B, and emerged in the late 1960’s.

2. A depressed state of mind.

3. A bad smell or odor.

Funk Synonyms: Stank

Example sentence: “What is that funk I’m smelling?”

Funk in songs:

“Let the barrel spin, get blended in, embrace the funk Groovy as I’m running through your system” – ScHoolboy Q, Gangsta.

“Witness as we creep to a low speed, peep what a ho need Puff some moweed, funk, ya don’t need” – 2Pac, How Do U Want It.

“No need for hopin’, it’s a battle lost I got ’em crossed as soon as the funk is boppin’ off” – E.D.I. Mean, HitEm Up.

“All I do is sit back and think with the 40 beer And you gotta feel the funk” – SpaceGhostPurrp, Keep It G.

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