Ave (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /Ave/

What does Ave mean?


Similar to Ave: Blvd

Example sentence: “I live a lil bit close to the ave.”

Ave in songs:

“We gon’ make it off the ave, get a half, then I shake it Somethin’ like a bad habit, we ain’t have it, we gon’ take it” – Boldy James, Friday Night Cypher.

I’m a real right Blood and these niggas counterfeit You don’t pull up on the Ave pussy boy you get dipped” – 21 Savage, Red Opps.

“East Atlanta jawn Cookout on Moreland Ave (Skrrt-skrrt) She say she ’bout that action but I think that I’ma pass” – MadeinTYO, Uber Everywhere.

“Just don’t move too fast, I’m too crazy Man down, Downey Ave, it gets shady” – Vince Staples, Norf Norf.

“Made a left on Nostrand Ave, (Right), we in Bed-Stuy” – Kanye West, Gotta Have It.

Don’tcha want to see me whippin’ your 3 down the Ave? Blow up spots on bitches because I’m mad” – Lil Kim, Get Money.

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