Brooklawn (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /brook-lawn/

Also spelled or known as: Brook lawn, Brook-lawn

Related: B.K.

What does Brooklawn mean?

Brooklyn, New York.

Brooklawn Synonyms: B.K., Brooknam, Crooklyn

Example sentence: “I was just on my way to Brooklawn.”

Brooklawn in songs:

Hard on? I flow like a Don, and so on, We can bust, from N.O. to Brooklawn” – Glaze N.Y., Sound of My Heart.

“Straight from Brooklawn, Vietnam, Baghdad, Cuz I’mma get you high like that stick-icky one time” – Lil Kim, Rock on wit’ Yo Bad Self.

“Good thing we brought the Glock, It’s Brooklawn day, Pinkhouse day” – Masta Killa, Da Glock.

“From Brooklawn to Q.B. they know me” – Funkmaster Flex, Real G’s.

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