Hick (slang)

Type: noun, adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /h-ick/

Plural: Hicks

What does Hick mean?

An unsophisticated country person. 

Bama Synonyms: Bama, Redneck

Example sentence: “We need a hick for the music video.”

Hick in songs:

“Who in the fuck is this hick with the flows?” – Yelawolf, Box Chevy 6.

“And boy, they did flock; can’t believe this little hick locked
This hip-hop shit in his hip pocket” – Eminem, Brianless.

“Make a hick say “what the hay?” brought that chick from sick bay” Viktor Vaughn, The Drop.

“If you come up steppin you’ll be lit like a hick” – Majestic, Strugglin’.

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