Stuck (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /stohk/

What does Stuck mean?

To be really high.

Stuck Synonyms: High, Fried, Geeked, Faded, Zooted, Blunted

Example sentence: “That gas got me stuck. Wow.”

Stuck in songs:

“I’ma put that bitch in the buck, I’m a dog, let’s get stuck‘ – Young Thug, Best Friend.

“I don’t smoke skunk, but tonight I’m getting stuck, nigga” – Juice WRLD, Bandit.

“I got five on it, it’s got me stuck, and I’m tore back” – Michael Marshall, I Got 5 on It.

“When I’m sippin on Hennessy and Hypnotic, getting stuck” – Twista, Do U?.

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