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Bad b

Bad b (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bad-b/

Also spelled or known as: Bad-b

Related: Bad, Bad bitch, Badina, Baddie

What does Bad b mean?

Bad bitch; A very attractive woman.

Bad b Synonyms: Badina, Baddie, Dime, Smokeshow, Bad bitch, Babe, Shawty, Shorty, Gal, Ting, Dime, Choong, Hooty, Hottie, Peng ting

Example sentence: “My girlfriend is a bad b.”

Bad b in songs (Lyric Examples):

“Got this bad B, Ohene” – Headie One, Only You Freestyle.

“This bad B in the Nizz with thongs” – SJ (OFB), Youngest In Charge.

Bad B like boujee, upsuh with two G’s, like Gucci” – Digga D, Next Up?.

“Man send one text to your female, now the bad B come looking like custard” – JAY1, Keisha & Becky Remix.

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Bad b
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Bad b