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Doggy (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /dog-e/

Related: Doggy style

What does Doggy mean?

1. A sexual position; a man having sex with a woman from behind her.

Doggy Synonyms: Doggy style, Backshot

2. A close friend.

Doggy Synonyms: Dawg, Woe, Home skillet, Homie, Homeboy, Homegirl, Broski, Dawg, Bro, Gang, Whoadie, Homey, Kiko

Example sentence: “We did doggy on our honeymoon.”

Doggy in songs:

“Give them bitches dick to mouth and then doggy on the couch” – ScHoolboy Q, Big Body.

“My look is Jay Buhner, doggy, ‘cause some of us just age sooner” – Action Bronson, Red Dot Music.

“Told her bend over, hit that shit doggy” – Danny Brown, Blunt After Blunt.

“Body got picked up, doggy I’m hurt Still pay the lawyer even though I’m nervous” – 42 Dugg, Grace.

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