Yak (slang)

Type: noun, verb, slang

Pronunciation: /yah-ak/

What does Yak mean?

1. Cognac.

Yak Synonyms: Brown, Henny

2. To vomit.

Yak Synonyms: Throw up

Example sentence: “We was sippin yak on halloween.”

Yak in songs:

“Underage table in the back, smokin’, drinkin’ yak” – Mac Miller, Smile Back.

“Sipping D’USSÉ boy this ain’t your daddy yak” – Jay-Z, F.U.T.W.

“We’ll get you looser than Yak” – Kid Cudi, Dat New “New”.

“The room spinnin’, finna yak if I don’t hit the blunt” – Earl Sweatshirt, AM // Radio.

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