Yah (slang)

Type: exclamation, slang, adlib

Pronunciation: /yaa/

Related: Yea, Yeah, Yep, Ya, Yah

What does Yah mean?

1. A variation/form of Yes, a term said in agreement.

Yah Synonyms: Yea, Yeah, Yep, Ya, Yup, Yuh

2. You.

Example sentence:Yah, shorty is a vibe.”

Yah in songs:

Droppin’ the dope in the stash, Yah” – Quavo, I Get the Bag.

“Flip the brick, make the whole shit do an aerial Air the shit out and make the ho sing, Ariel, Yah” – Lil Uzi Vert, New Patek.

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