Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bar-car-dee/

Also spelled or known as: BACARDÍ

What does Bacardi mean?

A brand of rum alcohol.

Example sentence: “All the girls want to drink Barcardi tonight.”

Bacardi in songs:

Locked up, they swinging they knifes I can’t be living this life No more Bacardi, alright” – Kodak Black, Calling My Spirit.

“Left to get my girl to rock that body Before I left I hit the Bacardi” – Eazy-E, Boyz-n-the Hood.

“Sippin’ Bacardi and lime I start to recollect on the time” – Eminem, I Will.

“Off that Bacardi Limon and Corona, I’m zonin'” – Kanye West, The Glory.

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