Yep (slang)

Type: exclamation, slang

Pronunciation: /yawp/

Related: Yea, Yeah, Yup, Yuh

What does Yep mean?

A variation/form of Yes, a term said in agreement.

Yep Synonyms: Yea, Yeah, Yup, Yuh

Example sentence:Yep, she still wants me in her life.”

Yep in songs:

“She do anything necessary for him And I do anything necessary for her So don’t let the necessary occur, yep” – Jay-Z, ’03 Bonnie & Clyde.

“I wake up, all veggies no eggs I hit the gym, all chest no legs Yep, then I made myself a smoothie Yeah, then me and wifey make a movie” – Kanye West, 30 Hours.

Yep, her president is Black, she Black too Purple Label on her back, but that tab is light blue” – Kendrick Lamar, A.D.H.D.

Yep, so I can kick it with my granddad, take him for a ride Show him I made somethin’ out myself and not just tried Show him the house I bought the fam, let him tour inside” – Big Sean, Control.

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