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Patek (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /pa-tech/

Plural: Pateks

What does Patek mean?

Patek Philippe & Co.; A Swiss luxury watch manufacturer founded in 1851.

Similar to Patek: Rolex, Rolly, Rollie

Example sentence: “He wore a patek to the Grammys.”

Patek in songs:

“I flooded out my Patek with baguettes” – 21 Savage, 10 Freaky Girls.

“This that rose gold Patek, call me like ’94” – Meek Mill, 1942 Flows.

“They say you basic, I flooded the Rollie with diamonds, I flooded the Patek and bracelet” – Cardi B, Bartier Cardi.

Icy Patek, check, yeah, boogers, they sit on my neck” – Offset, Stir Fry.

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