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Rikers (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /ryk-errs/

What does Rikers mean?

Rikers’ Island, An infamous prison/correctional facility in New York.

Example sentence: “Al Capone was sent to Rikers.”

Rikers in songs:

“They call me “Pied Piper,” OJ no glove I knife her Never been a lifer, even do Rikers” – Cam’ron, I Am Your Leader.

So here’s a lesson of a teen that survived Rikers But shortly, his life had ended with a bullet that’s made out of Midas” – Denzel Curry, Dark & Violent.

“I was like, “Hah, it’s our time, nigga” He left Rikers in a Phantom, that’s my nigga” – Drake, Believe Me.

Yeah, free Bobby Shmurda, motherfuck the Rikers” – Young Thug, No Cap.

“I came a long ways from rhyming up in crazy cyphers Man I’m so happy my lil’ brother came home from Rikers” – Mack Main, B-Boyz.

“Take my advice, never wear Air Max to the bing Unless you one of the Bloods or a Latin King ‘Cause if you left with the Aryans your ass’ll sting And your cellmate is a 25 to lifer They’ll stab you in Folsom, then fuck you on Rikers” – The Game, 300 Bars & Runnin’.

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