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Okurr (slang)

Type: ad-lib, interjection, slang, catchphrase

Pronunciation: /o-kur/

Also spelled or known as: Okurrr, Okrrr

What does Okurr mean?

1. Okay.

2. Cardi B’s ad-lib.

Example sentence:I’m throwing a part regardless, okurr.”

Coined by: Cardi B

Okurr in songs:

“My bitch drink Bacardi, I’m in this bitch feelin’ like ‘Set (Okurr), quarter mil’ on my neck” – DaBaby, VIBEZ.

Fuckinbitches off the ‘Cardi, make the ho scream, “Okurr“” – Lil Gray, I Can’t Go.

“Her favorite rapper Cardi so she told me “Okurr“” – Saba, Excited.

“Cardi B ting, okurr kurr” – Big Shaq, Buss It Down.

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