Water whip

Water whip (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /wat-err-whip/

Also spelled or known as: Water-whip, Waterwhip

Related: Water whipping, Water whippin

What does Water whip mean?

To cook crack.

Example sentence: “He was in the kitchen water whipping.”

Water whip in songs (rap lyrics):

“I swear my niggas all about to blow We water whip, we all about the blowFetty Wap, Couple Bands.

Water whip coke, I still Voss it, rosé out the faucet” – Westside Gunn, DR. BIRD’S.

I’m ’bout to water whip it (Whip it up) So I could fuck up a bag (Fuck up a sack)” – Future, POA.

Water whip the dope, water whip it Ho, water whip your ho, water whipem, yeah” – 21 Savage, 7 Min Freestyle.

“Your jewelry water whip, diamonds like re-rock My lil’ baby ride the dick like a seesaw” – Kodak Black, ZEZE.

“All this coke, like I’m Nino Water whip, like I’m Nemo” – O.T. Genasis, CoCo.

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Water whip
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Water whip