Standing on business

Standing on business (slang)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /stand-in-on-biz-ness/

Also spelled or known as: Standing on biz, Standin’ on business

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What does Standing on business mean?

1. To be handling or taking care of your business.

2. To be sticking to your word or something you said you would do.

Example sentence:I’m always working hard, i’m always standing on business.”

Standing on business in songs (rap lyrics):

“Damn, niggas talkin’ sideways but they ain’t with me But they know I’m still standing on business, real talk” – Yo Gotti, Forever Ballin’.

Double R gang, bitch, we be standing on business” – Big Scarr, SoIcyBoyz 3.

“What I do with this money, they standing on business
My lil’ brother, he a big dawg, he coppin’ the Bentley” – Lil Durk, Where They Go.

Ain’t no tickin’, I been standing on business
Got it jumpin’ out the kitchen” – YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Hood Melody.

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Standing on business
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Standing on business