Fetty (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /fet-ee/

Also spelled or known as: Fetti

What does Fetty mean?

1. Money.

Fetty Synonyms: Bread, Mula, Guap, Cheese, Guala, Racks, Pesos, Cake, Cheddar, Benji, C-note, Commas

2. Fetty Wap’s nickname.

Fetty Wap’s real name: Willie Maxwell II

Example sentence: “We’re getting stupid fetty tonight.”

Fetty in songs:

“We smoke to Fetty, sing “ZooWap”” – Chance the Rapper, Smoke Break.

Nah, baby, I don’t want the Wap, I just want the fetty” – Kodak Black, Lockjaw.

“Made my fetty in Japan ’cause I do this shit for Marc” – Amine, Woodlawn.

“They drop fetty, that’s good money” – Meek Mill, The Trillest.

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