Wraith (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /ray-eigth/ What does Wraith mean? A Rolls-Royce model coupe. Wraith Synonyms: Space coupe, Phantom, Ghost, Double R Example sentence: “The wraith got stars in it.” Wraith in songs: “Know some killas pull off and they in the Wraith” – Desiigner, Panda. “Slow pace in the Wraith, got this shit from […]


Write (slang) Type: verb, slang Pronunciation: /right/ Related: Writing What does Write mean? 1. To graffiti. Write Synonyms: Spray 2. To mark with a pen, pencil, or writing tool. Example sentence: “I used to write around Oakland back in the day.” Write in songs: “Outta line, pistols barkin’, ride or die Write a script, design […]

Writer’s block

Writer’s block (slang) Type: noun, phrase, slang Pronunciation: /writers-block/ What does Writer’s block mean? To be unable to write creatively for some time. Example sentence: “He had writer’s block writing that album but it still went No. 1″ Writer’s block in songs: “But the writer’s block is over; emcees, cancel your plans” – Kanye West, […]