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The Yo

The Yo (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /the-yo/

What does The Yo mean?

A recording studio.

The Yo Synonyms: The lab, Stu, Studio, Booth

Example sentence: “The album’s almost done, we’re recording the rest in the yo this week.”

The Yo in songs:

“I be sittin’ in the ‘yo when they hatin'” – Future, Servin Killa Kam.

Hit the yo, smoke one, and put my life in my rhymes” – Lil Boosie, Show Da World.

“Have Meek spittin’ in this cat like he on Funk Flex Moneybagg, I’m in the ‘yo, I got a hit song” – Yung Miami, Rap Freaks.

Pull up in a ‘Rari, I’m in the Yo like Gotti A Boogie, I’m goin’ Scottie, nigga drop my deposit” – Kodak Black, Drowning.

I’m in the yo, with a bottle of some clear shit You don’t know the truth, you just hear shit” – Russ, The Game.

“I got your bitch in the ‘yo (I do) She in the hills on the coke (She is) I pull it out of my pants (I did) She put it right in her throat (She did)” – 21 Savage, Many Men.

“I move along as the water flow Me and round thuggin’ in the yo I just thought I should let you know Right before it’s time for me to go” – YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Change (2016).

“Please don’t compare me to rap niggas, ain’t no comparison, I’m too unique, uh Dunkin’ on niggas above the rim, shoutout to Money Man, he did the feat’, uh I hit the yo, do a remix, embarrass a rapper and shit on his beat, uh Somebody, I’m moving savage and put me in beast mode, now it’s time to eat” – DaBaby, Gorilla Glue.

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The Yo
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The Yo