Spittin’ (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /sp-it/

Also spelled: Spitting

Related: Spit, Spitta

What does Spittin’ mean?

To be rapping; rhyming and flowing.

Spittin’ Synonyms: Rappin, Freestylin

Example sentence: “Kendrick Lamar was spittin’ on Control.”

Spittin’ in songs:

I’m spittin’ this shit for closure” – Jay Electronica, Control.

“Switchin’ lanes, spittin’ game in my new drop” – Slim Jxmmi, Swang.

Spittin’ hot shit, hit ya dome with the heater” – Joey Badass, Christ Conscious.

Can’t even swim with this shit I’m spittin’, hah” – YNW Melly, Virtual (Blue Balenciagas).

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