Servin’ (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /serv-in/

Also spelled: Serving

Related: Serve

What does Servin’ mean?

To be selling drugs.

Servin’ Synonyms: Slangin’, Dealin’, Movin’, Choppin’

Example sentence: “I’ve been servin’ all day, came up on hella bread.”

Servin’ in songs:

Lean mean money making machines, servin’ fiends” – Dr. Dre, California Love.

“I upgrade your baby mama to a condo, Like Chapo servin’ llello to the gringos” – Gucci Mane, Black Beatles.

“I was workin’ and servin’ in Nautica” – Future, March Madness.

“But really we be servin’ them dummies, see?” – Krayzie Bone, Notorious Thugs.

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