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Stu’ (slang)

Type: noun, abbreviation, slang

Pronunciation: /stu/

Related: The stu’, Studio, Stufinder

What does Stu’ mean?

Studio. Stu’ is short for studio.

Stu Synonyms: The lab, The Yo, The stu, Studio, Booth

Example sentence: “What stu did you record this at?.”

Stu in songs:

“At the stu‘ every day, can’t be lazy” – Lil Tjay, Brothers.

“In the stu cooking up, cooking up, hadda put my feet in it” – Young M.A, I Get The Bag Freestyle.

Trappin’ by the stu’, villains pull up to the coupe” – Lil Skies, Lust.

“Cause everybody in the stu’ was like, “That’s that heat”” – Lupe Faisco, Hip-Hop Saved My Life.

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