Skengman (slang)

Type: noun, slang, UK

Pronunciation: /skeng-man/

Also spelled or known as: Skeng-man, Skeng man

Related: Skeng

What does Skengman mean?

A man who owns or has weapons (knives or guns).

Skengman Synonyms: Thug, Hoodrat, Hoodlum, Gangster

Example sentence:Don’t make me call my Skengman.”

Skengman in songs:

Killem with the Skengman sound Skengman flow, skengman down” – Stromzy, Nigo Duppy.

Knock off the tint, fishbowl ting Skengman mode, Frisco ting Light up your head, Sisqó ting See the Bloodline, yeah we go in” – Bossman Birdie, German Whip (Remix).

“Trinidad boy that’s TNT I’ve seen a real skengman sitting on a porch Shotgun and White T” – AJ Tracey, Fire in the Booth.

“Done told man they ain’t nuttin’ like me, I’m Skengman Poundz and I’m way too cold” – Poundz, How Many Times?.

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