Mandem (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /man-dem/

Also spelled or known as: Man dem, Man-dem

What does Mandem mean?

A group or gang of men.

Mandem Synonyms: Squad, Gang, Homies, Vatos

Example sentence: “Order a bottle for mandem, it’s a celebration tonight.”

Mandem in songs:

“I bet I make you respect me, When you see the mandem are selling out Wembley” – Skepta, Shutdown.

“True say, the mandem did save him” – Dave, Paper Cuts.

“Had me embarrassed to tell the story to the mandem” – Tory Lanez, Who Needs Love.

Mandem are calm, but you see my don there?” – Stormzy, Big For Your Boots.

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