Knock off


Knock off (slang)

Type: verb, noun, slang

Pronunciation: /nawk-off/

Also spelled: Knockoff, knock-off

What does Knock off mean?

1. To shoot and hit.

Knock off Synonyms: Murk, Smoke, Whack, Pop, Bust

2. To have sexual intercourse.

Knock off Synonyms: Fuck, Smash, Get it on

3. A fake or unofficial copy of something.

Knock off Synonyms: Bootleg

Example sentence: “I don’t want the drip if it’s a knockoff.”

Knockoff in songs:

“I’m tryna knock off your block like Legos” – Stunna 4 Vegas, UP THE SMOKE.

Knock off your whole left side, now you all right” – Lil Wayne, I Don’t Like.

“Nigga play with me I’ma knock off his face” – Jackboy, G to the A.

“And if a nigga play, prolly knock off his top” – YFN Lucci, Letter From Lucci.

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