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Squaring up

Squaring up (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /skware-in-up/

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What does Squaring up mean?

To be fighting or getting ready to fight.

Squaring up Synonyms: Squabbling, Stepping, Brawling, Scrapping, Beefing

Example sentence: “Those boys were squaring up at Central park.”

Squaring up in songs:

Fuck squaring up I’ll get this bitch sparkin’ 4-4 bulldog let it start barkin'” – Yhung T.O., Beast Mode.

“Wrestle who? Bitch, I don’t do judo Squaring up can get your soul blew straight to Pluto” – StanWill, Blast Off.

I’m a come through with my homies yo whole hood finna know me They wanna fuck me up I start squaring up I said “come on nigga just show me”” – ​cupcakKe, Image.

I’m not scared of the flood, squaring up When Armageddon come, I turn the stereo up” – Atmosphere, Like a Fire.

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Squaring up
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Squaring up