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Bucking (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /buk-in/

Related: Buck

What does Bucking mean?

1. To be shooting.

Bucking Synonyms: Busting, Spraying

2. To be acting crazy/krunk or wild.

Example sentence: “I just saw them drove past and starting bucking.

Bucking in songs:

“It don’t take nothing but fronting for me to start something Bugging and bucking at niggas like I was duck hunting” – The Notorious B.I.G., Party and Bullshit.

“Born in the ghetto as a hustler, older Straight soldier, bucking at them bustas” – 2Pac, Nothing to Lose.

“Running out there bucking loud niggas all will laugh at ya Hard not to bang when you got bitch niggas attacking ya” – Kevin Gates, IHOP (True Story).

I’m ridin’ around stuntin’, smokin’ loud in public Talkin loud in public, yeah my entourage is bucking” 2 Chainz, Spend It.

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