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Tussling (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /tuss-lin/

Also spelled or known as: Tusslin’

Related: Tussel, Tusseled

What does Tussling mean?

To be fighting.

Tussling Synonyms: Throwing hands, Scrapping, Squaring up, Beefing, Boxing

Tussling example sentence: “Why were yall tussling earlier?”

Tussling in songs:

“We ridin’ around with chops, ain’t no tussling and fightin'” – Yhung T.O., Slidin’.

Lil’ baby, need to listen I ain’t talkin’ ’bout when Drake featured Lil’ baby, meanin’ all my women Wrestled up while we tussling” – DDG, LIL BABY.

I’m busting, no tussling Bad bitch a eater that ain’t for discussion, she busting and gushing She dripping and moaning when I get to fucking Fufu nigga sip on nothing but ‘Tussin” – OhGeesy, Musty.

“It ain’t ’bout money, it ain’t no discussion Got the pocket rocket, no time for tussling All this money got these bitches in love with me Wanna fuck me, baby, but ain’t no cuddling” – Key Glock, Intro.

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