Harlot (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /har-lot/

Plural: Harlots

What does Harlot mean?

A women who takes part in sexual activities for money.

Harlot Synonyms: Prostitute, Escort, Hooker

Example sentence: “We watched the harlot leave the hotel room happy.”

Harlot in songs:

“Just living like a hooker, the harlot sounds, Now when I say the harlot, you know I mean the hot” – Q-Tip, Oh My God.

“She’s a harlot, who stood still like time while New York turned scarlet” – Jay Electronica, Dimethyltryptamine.

“Say his girls a harlot, and he responded ‘Gates Im through with you.'” – Kevin Gates, I’m a Rider.

“Date a good girl not a fucking harlot” – Azizi Gibson, Libras Don’t Die.

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