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P.O. (acronym) Type: noun, acronym Pronunciation: /P-O/ What does P.O. mean and stand for? Probation Officer. P.O. is short for Probation Officer. P.O. Synonyms: Feds Example sentence: “My boy P.O. be on his ass.” P.O. in songs: “Tell your P.O. how-how long you been high? All day, nigga” – Kanye West, All Day. “Fuck the […]


P.S.K. Type: noun, acronym Pronunciation: /P-S-K/ Also spelled or known as: PSK, P-S-K What does P.S.K. mean? Park Side Killers. Coined by: Schoolly D Example sentence: “Schoolly D has a song called ‘P.S.K.‘” P.S.K. in songs: “P.S.K., we’re making that green People always say, “What the hell does that mean?”” – Schoolly D, P.S.K. What […]