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Rambling (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /ramb-lin/

Also spelled or known as: Ramblin’

Related: Ramble, Rambler, Ramblin’

What does Rambling mean?

To be talking a lot or for a long time with no meaning or specific point.

Rambling Synonyms: Blabbing, Yapping

Example sentence: “My nicca what are you rambling about this time?”

Rambling in songs:

“I go off the head when I’m rambling on the mic” – Jay-Z, Welcome to New York City.

I’m rambling now, five days to finish the album, I’m scramblin’ now Took a break from samplin’ now” – J. Cole, Cole Summer.

“They placeholding so slippery niggas can’t even kick it Y’all rambling, talking shit to these bitches” – Wale, Ambition.

“I don’t like to be home, I’m liking the road, fuck, I’m rambling now” – Futuristic, No Way.

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