Prodigy Type: noun Pronunciation: /praw-di-gee/ Plural: Prodigies What does Prodigy mean? A young person who is extraordinarily talented. Prodigy Synonyms: Whiz, Whiz Kid, Genius Example sentence: “Kanye West has always been a prodigy.” Prodigy in songs: “You can’t rock with me, I’ma young prodigy,Now my plate filet mignon” – Kodak Black, Young Prodigy. “Hopped off […]

Producer tag

Producer tag (slang) Type: noun, verb, slang Pronunciation: /pro-duce-er-tahg/ Related: Taggin’, Tagging What does Producer tag mean? A producer’s sound mark on a beat or song. Producer tag Synonyms: Tag Example sentence: “Let me hear the producer tag again, shits hard.” Producer tag in songs: “I be making hits with my producer tag” – TV […]