Popping out


Popping out (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /pop-in-out/

Also known as or spelled: Poppin’ out

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What does Popping out mean?

To be appearing or going somewhere.

Popping out Synonyms: Stepping out, Showing up

Example sentence: “We’re popping out for the event tonight.”

Popping out in songs:

Fuck popping out, we popping up We popping up, I’m out the cut” – Chief Keef, Pull Up.

“What you know about popping out and trying to hit they face first?” – Lil Durk, Rumors.

Popping out with my tool, I’m gon’ protect myself regardless” – Juice WRLD, GoPro.

A-town’s finest, bitches popping out my bathtub like “The royal penis clean, your heiness”” – Jarren Benton, Hoppa’s Cypher.

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Popping out
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Popping out
Popping out