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Cypher (music)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /sigh-fur/

Also spelled: Cipher

Also Known as: Hip-Hop Cypher, Rap Cypher, Freestyle Cypher

Plural: Cyphers

What does Cypher mean?

A freestyle rap session which goes in a circle between rappers.

Cypher Synonyms: Cipher

Example sentence: “You killed that cypher lil bro.”

Cypher in songs:

“But I kept rhymin’ and stepped right in the next cypher” – Eminem,

Slipping like fishes, choking when you hit the cypher” – Kirk Knight, Third Eye Shit / Suspect.

“Looking at the BET cypher like I’ll be there one day” – Logic, Nasty.

“Let my shit go, blow the bitch, go to the cypher” – Future, High Demand.

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