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Poppin’ (slang) Type: adjective, slang Pronunciation: /pop-in/ Also spelled: Popping Related: Pop What does Poppin’ mean? 1. To be popular. Poppin’ Synonyms: Clouted 2. To be looking good. Poppin’ Synonyms: On Fleek, On Point 3. Going on. Poppin’ Synonyms: Happenin’ 4. To be shooting. Example sentence: “My girl is poppin’ today.” Poppin’ in songs: “Now […]

Poppin tags

Poppin’ tags (phrase) Type: slang, phrase Pronunciation: /pop-in-tags/ Also spelled or known as: Popping tags What does Poppin’ tags mean? 1. To be spending lots money on new clothes. Poppin’ tags Synonyms: Splurging 2. To be removing the tags from new clothes. Example sentence: “We were in the mall poppin’ tags.” Poppin’ tags in songs: […]

Popping collars

Popping collars (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /pop-in-collars/ Also spelled or known as: Poppin’ collars, Popping-collars Related: Pop collars, Popped collars What does Popping collars mean? 1. To be acting or moving like a boss. Popping collars Synonyms: Bossed up 2. To be showing off. Popping collars Synonyms: Flamboasting, Flexing, Flossing, Bragging, Stunting Example sentence: […]

Popping out

Popping out (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /pop-in-out/ Also known as or spelled: Poppin’ out Related: Pop, Popped out What does Popping out mean? To be appearing or going somewhere. Popping out Synonyms: Stepping out, Showing up Example sentence: “We’re popping out for the event tonight.” Popping out in songs: “Fuck popping out, we popping […]