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Stepping out

Stepping out (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /step-in-out/

Also spelled or known as: Steppin’ out

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What does Stepping out mean?

To be appearing or going somewhere.

Stepping out Synonyms: Popping out

Example sentence: “We’re stepping out tonight, going to a club.”

Stepping out in songs:

Stepping out today, I gotta leave the crib, Momma stressing out, I pray” – J. Cole, Get Away.

“Superstar, man I’m far from an average Joe, supernatural Stepping out, looking like I’m in a fashion show” – Rittz, Bounce.

I’m the youngest nigga repping everytime I’m stepping out And if you step outside your face we pop up right in front of your house” – Joey Badass, Ready.

“Call me when you stepping out, I might bring the cup with me I might play the “Back and Forth” on my ’94 Aali'” – Isaiah Rashad, Nelly.

“I’ma pull it out at her grandma house, ooh, Gucci loafers on when I’m stepping out” – Lil Pump, Bussin.

Stepping out, I gotta dress fly Hoping, we could maybe catch eye” – Kevin Gates, Believe In Me.

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Stepping out
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Stepping out