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Point blank

Point blank (slang) Type: adjective, phrase, slang Pronunciation: /point-blank/ Also spelled or known as: Point-blank Related: Point-blank range What does Point blank mean? 1. Up close and in person. 2. Straight to the point. Point blank Synonyms: Bullseye Example sentence: “I told short i wanted her point blank.” Point blank in songs: “Two point blank, […]

Point blank range

Point blank range (noun) Type: noun Pronunciation: /point-blank-range/ Also spelled or known as: Point-blank range Related: Point blank What does Point blank range mean? The distance or range between a firearm and target aim without a bullet drop. Example sentence: “We were at the range shooting point blank range.” Point blank range in songs: “Point […]


Pointers (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /point-r’s/ Singular: Pointer What does Pointers mean? Diamonds with a lot of carats. A point is a measurement of weight. Example sentence: “Baby let me put some pointers on your wrist.” Pointers in songs: “Got the big pointers right under my nose, These niggas mad ’cause I got all […]