Organized crime

Organized crime (phrase)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /or-gah-nized-krime/

What does Organized crime mean?

Plotted and planned criminal activities. 

Example sentence: “The Sopranos had a lot of organized crime in it.”

Organized crime in songs:

Organized crime, they get theirs on the down low Here’s the ticket, wanna bet on a horse show?” – Gang Starr, Code of the Streets.

“A young gun but not like your young Chris and Neef I’m from the land of organized crime, disorderly peace” – Kendrick Lamar, Compton Life.

“I control 26,000 men Except for dope, we operate in all aspects of organized crime” – Ghostface Killah, Fish.

Organized crime, we don’t do cooperations, not at all” – Pooh Shiesty, 50 Shots.

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Organized crime
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Organized crime

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