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Da bomb


Da bomb (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /toon/

Also spelled or known as: The bomb, Da-bomb

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What does Da bomb mean?

The bomb; really good.

Example sentence: “That movie we saw was da bomb.”

Da bomb in songs:

Don’t get me wrong, girl you da bomb And I couldn’t settle for less” – Anees, Slip.

“I wanna bet she got da bomb like a terrrorist She wit it I’ll hit it though but I ain’t thinking ’bout marrriage” – Chingy, Right Thurr (Remix).

“She young, her sex da bomb And that’s my young ho” – Gucci Mane, Young Ho.

Nigga, I’m da bomb! In the black Testerosa Sippin’ on Mimosa I plead No sir” – Ice Cube, Ask About Me.

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Da bomb
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Da bomb

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