On swole

On swole (slang)

Type: phrase, verb, slang

Pronunciation: /on-swohl/

Also spelled: On swo

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What does On swole mean?

To be getting bigger in size.

On swole Synonyms: On swo

Example sentence: “My shawty booty is on swole.”

On swole in songs:

“She know I’m on parole, why she call police on a nigga? She just mad, cause a nigga pockets on swole” – 50 Cent, When it Rains it Pours.

“My pockets on swole yeah, hit the pole yeah I ain’t tryna cuff yeah, I’m tryna fuck yeah” – Speaker Knockerz, Freak Hoe.

“For the brain, I’m dumbin’ down, we on swole when she come around” – Fabolous, Ready.

Pockets on swole, lump sum, damn! Bitch, you a fuckinbum” – Rico Nasty, Smack a Bitch.

“Laughin’ to the bank like, “A-ha!”, huh, he-yeah Flex on swole like, “A-ha!”, huh, he-yeah” – Kendrick Lamar, GOD.

Pockets on swole like it’s 24 Fitness, 800 bands just layin’ in the kitchen” – Lil Pump, ESSKEETIT.

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On swole
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On swole

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