On mommas

On mommas (slang)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /on-mam-azz/

Also known or spelled as: On mamas

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What does On mommas mean?

A phrase said when swearing the truth on what is said.

Example sentence:On mommas i didn’t hit her.”

On mommas in songs:

“Funny actin’, swipe left, that’s on mommas” – Lecrae, Sunday Morning.

“Where I’m from, we never meet daddies; swear on mommas” – Fabolous, About That Life.

“Speakin this matter off to let you know that it’s real Disappointments to mothers, On mommas we in the field” – Mozzy, Be Here.

“Either way, yeah, we gon’ be straight That’s on mommas and grannies” – P-LO, Much More.

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On mommas
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On mommas