About that life


About that life (phrase)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /ab-out-that-life/

Also spelled or known as: Bout that life, ‘Bout that life

What does About that life mean?

A phrase used to describe being about the lifestyle or activity being discussed.

About that life Synonym: Bout that life

Example sentence: “She asked me if i was about that life, hmmm… what do you think?”

About that life in songs:

“You ain’t about that life ain’t gotta lie to me, nigga You know it’s till the death, I hope it’s obvi to niggas” – Jay-Z, Part II (On the Run).

“Champagne pop, I’m about that life, molly gonpop I’m about that life” – ScHoolboy Q, Hell of a Night.

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About that life
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